Member At-Large, Position 12

Marina Samaltanos grew up in the southeast, mainly Atlanta, GA, until a move in her mid-20s her rooted on the west-coast. After 25 years in Southern California, and a 2-year stint in London for work, her husband’s job moved them to Portland just over a year ago. They initially landed in Arbor Lodge, followed by purchasing a home in Rose City Park in October 2021.

Marina continues to remotely work for the University of California, Los Angeles as a program manager for a research facility. While living in Los Angeles, she spent nearly as much time on activism work as she did in the office by volunteering for various political campaigns, starting a newsletter with the sole purpose of making it easier for everyone to participate in democracy by distilling issues down to bite sized actions one could take. She also organized both civic and social events for her Los Angeles neighborhood. Now settled in a home in Portland, she hopes to refocus and dig into life where her feet are, get to know her new city better, build community, and do a bit of good. She's throwing her hat into the ring for the RCPNA.