Member At-Large, Position 5

Kelly Davis moved into Rose City Park in 1981 and got involved in the neighborhood shortly thereafter under the urging of a co-worker. As an Architect, Kelly naturally gravitated to Land Use and Transportation (LU&T) issues. He soon became close with the then Chairman of the RCPNA, George Walker. George and Kelly were co-chairs of the neighborhood for a couple of years before Kelly became Chair – the beginning of a 17-year run. In 2010, Kelly was transferred to his company’s (ZGF Architects) Washington, DC office and ran that office until his return to Portland in 2017. He rejoined the Neighborhood Association and is currently Co-Chair of the LU&T Committee. He has a passion for making sure the built environment within RCP contributes positively to the livability of the neighborhood. Kelly lives in a 1907 Victorian (one of the first houses built in RCP) with his wife Jackie. He has two daughters – Kelsie who is the DA for Union County Oregon, Courtney who is a Structural Engineer in Portland and two grandchildren – Addie and Jack. Kelly retired from ZGF in 2017.