Member At-Large, Position 14

Around the house, Ian plays dad to a 2-year-old and 4-year-old. Outside the house, he has other titles including pusher of stroller, puller of bike trailer, and carrier of dandelions and interesting leaves.

This home reality has given Ian a great perspective for RCPNA Board engagement, and the broader community engagement that comes with it. And a lot of other life experiences have prepared Ian as well. He grew up in the foothills of the Coast Range, roughly between Eugene and Corvallis, and at 11 moved across the state to Eastern Oregon. College took him south to Los Angeles, and law school bounced him east to New York City. After nearly 12 years of long subway rides, delicious pizza, and a wonderful life education as a legal services attorney focused on eviction prevention, Ian and his wife moved to Portland to be closer to family.

Ian works for the local housing provider Home Forward, where he supports various departments including rent assistance, homelessness initiatives, property management, and safety. When not at work (read: in front of computer in basement), Ian plants hydrangeas and sneaks in bike rides, jogs, and scooter parties under the supervision and direction of the kids.