Member At-Large, Position 15

Andrew Duchon grew up in Oklahoma, went to college in Chicago and has lived and traveled all over the world.  He has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Brown University, and spent 20 years on the East Coast in Providence, Philadelphia and Boston.  Andrew came to Portland from Spain in 2013 and settled in Rose City Park in 2017 with his wife Clara, a psychiatrist at Providence Portland. Andrew is the director of data science at a mid-sized global company and is focused on analyzing news data to improve sustainable corporate leadership.

Having lived all over the US and the world, Portland is the first city that I’ve found that I want to stay in, and I really enjoy walking through the quirky and beautiful garden that is this neighborhood.  Whatever our problems, we’re not the first city or neighborhood to encounter them.  There are success stories out there, and my hope is that we can learn from them and apply them to our situation.