Special RCPNA Board Meeting – Tuesday, March 21 7-8pm

Special Board Meeting for next Tues., March 21st from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at the German American Society, 5626 NE Alameda St. This meeting has been added to the official city-wide calendar.

Topic:     Reconsideration of a RCPNA 2015 Approved Recommendation to Rezone of 3 properties owned by Rich and Blair Peterson, located at the corner of NE 50th and Fremont St., from R2 to Mixed Use Commercial as a map amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Update.
Timing:  Opportunity to ‘File an Objection’ closes within 21 days of the City’s pending submission of Task 4 and 5 of the Periodic Review/2035 Comprehensive Plan to the State of Oregon.

7:00 – 8:00 pm

1. Welcome & Introductions (open the public meeting)
2. Historic record and actions regarding the Peterson Rezone from R2 to Mixed Use Commercial.
3. Existing options for comment or appeal/objection to the state.
4. Board Next Steps:

  • Decide whether to reopen the public meeting regarding LU &TC recommended approval for zone change from R2h to Mixed Use Neighborhood Commercial for 5024 NE Fremont, vacant lot (TL# R260906) and 3430 NE 50th Ave.
  • If yes, actions include:
    • Open the public review on the matter to receive testimony, including attached documents.
    • Close public review on the matter when all questions and concerns have been raised
    • Render a decision:
      • No change from the previous rezone recommendation of approval
      • Support the rezone of some of the properties from R2 to Mixed Use Commercial
      • Reverse decision – opposing the rezone of all three properties from R2
  • If no, actions include:
    • Opportunity for public discussion regarding the process and issues at hand
    • Make a motion to adjourn the meeting

5. Adjourn

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