Keep Frazer Park Green – Sponsored by the RCPNA ChipDrop Brigade – Saturday, June 11

The “Keep Frazer Park Green” will be sponsored by ChipDrop Brigade program. The purpose of this Brigade is to help stop tree deaths being brought on by the growing NW drought. Due to the rainy weather this Spring our number of volunteers have dropped.  So, we are only holding this one Park event. We are postponing the neighborhood street-tree events until 2023. 

Keep Frazer Park Green

Join Your Neighbors for a Park Work Party!

What: Spread wood chips around trees in Frazer Park, to retain moisture during dry months

When: Saturday June 11th from 8:00 am – 12:00 noon.

1 – 4 hour shifts welcomed

Where: Frazer Park, 825 NE 52nd Ave.

Convene at Basketball court at 8:00 am

Provided: Water, Snacks, and Pizza!

What to bring?

  1. Wear closed-toe shoes, clothes you’re willing to get dirty, and sun/rain hat
  2. Pair of work gloves
  3. Tools (if you have them): wheel barrows, extra gloves, shovels, garden rakes, garden spades
  4. Water bottle
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Masks, for allergies/protection
  7. Good Cheer!

Signup at, state “Frazer Event” in the subject line.

Can’t Come? Please, loan us a tool or wheelbarrow for the event!

Sponsored by the Rose City Park Neighborhood Association (RCPNA) ChipDrop Brigade project. Grant funding provided by Central NE Neighbors Coalition (CNN) through City of Portland’s Civic Life.  Permission, staff, and wood chips obtained from the Portland Parks and Recreation Bureau. 


Flier to share:
(or, click the image for a large, print flier)

Why Frazer? Frazer Park has been chosen for the Tree Mulching Event due to its proximity to numerous multi-family apartment complexes, the closest public park to the Hollywood Neighborhood (which has none), it houses the neighborhood’s Community Garden, an off-leash dog area, and it abuts the Owen Blank Early Head Start School. The attached map indicates that over 200 multi-family residents live within ½ mile of Frazer Park. This park serves families with the least economic means living in and around our neighborhood. The park itself houses a number of mature trees that were planted as “the orchard” for the Boy’s Home that previously resided at this site. Over the past year a 60’ white pine tree had to be removed due to heat damage. The 3 remaining pines remain damaged by last year’s scalding from the heat dome event. 

Chip-Drop Brigade Purpose:

The goal of the ChipDrop Brigade is to serve as volunteers for coordinating, delivery, and spreading of wood-chip mulch to cover the root base of trees located in publicly owned areas, such as public parks and street trees in rights-of-way. This action together with educating the residents of proper watering of trees during the dry months can greatly extend the life of these trees. The 2021 heat-dome event brought home the reality that the lives dependent on a healthy tree canopy is in jeopardy.  Not only did the heat dome blanch many of the native trees, the drying winds and sustained drought during the summer reduced moisture content for all vegetation.  Many of the trees that remain are struggling to regain their health during the recent spring rains. It is our hope that through applying mulch and educating the public about proper watering, these trees will have a better chance at survival.  


Project Lead: Tamara DeRidder, AICP

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