Join our e-mobility ride event. e-bikes are a ton of fun! One more date!

Did you know e-bike rentals are available in Rose City Park Neighborhood? They are! This summer, RCPNA Vice-Chair Zachary Lauritzen is leading three rides to introduce neighbors to the joy and utility of electric mobility. The three dates are all on Saturdays: June 18th, July 16th, and August 13th. We will meet at 9:15am, depart at 9:30am, and return at 10:30am. Location to be announced.

If you have not yet ridden one: e-bikes are a ton of fun! They give that extra boost that flattens hills, allows you to carry more weight (groceries, children, etc.), and to do so without getting sweaty. There are a few goals to these summer rides:
1. Introduce people to the process of how to rent an e-bike.
2. Tour some safer street routes in and around Rose City Park.
3. Experience the ease and joy of electric-assist travel.
4. Meet your friends and neighbors.
5. Get to know eco-friendly modes of transportation for getting around our community.

All participants will receive free rides for the day courtesy of a partnership with Niketown. Part of the program is learning how to sign up and rent the bikes. Anyone who can ride an adult-sized bike is welcome. Bring a helmet if you have one, though some will be provided. If you want to participate, please email Zachary at As event dates near, he will send out the details for each ride.

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