June 15th – Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Open invite to the Land Use & Transportation meeting tomorrow night at 7pm.
Please join this Thurs., June 15th, for our LU & TC meeting from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the German American Society, 5626 NE Alameda St.

June 15th LU & TC Agenda:
For Approval: 051817 Minutes (attached)
1. ONI Marijuana Code Compliance Officer Nathanial Werner. To provide information and code compliance updates on two new MJ outlets opening up in our neighborhood.

2. Ellington Apartments presentation by the Portland Housing Authority District Liaison Cupid Alexander.  These apartments were recently purchased by PHA to provide low and very low income housing. They are located on our eastern neighborhood border and our LUTOP Rep. Ed Gorman has invited Madison South land use representatives to join us.

3. Land Use review guidelines and policies for RCPNA

4. Sub-Committee Updates:

  • CNN’s LUTOP – Notes attached
  • Our Lady of LaVang
  • Other

5. Status:

Heads Up – Land Use & Transportation Meeting Thursday May 18

A note from our Chair:

Hi Folks,
Please join me for our monthly LU & TC meeting this Thurs. May 18th from 7-9 pm at the German American Society, 5626 NE Alameda. There are no land use reviews pending at this time and the Umqua Bank redevelopment to Mixed Use Apartments has been rescheduled to our June meeting.  What we have scheduled include:
1. Planning Liaison Nan Stark and neighbor on NE 50th Emily Courtnage will be there to discuss the Erata Map (zoning) on the easterly most Peterson property that is still pending City Council review.
2. Draft LU & TC review guidelines & process
3. Update on the Residential Infill process: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/67728
4. Comment Options:
A. Portland Transportation Funding? https://www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/72775
B. Better Housing by Design – June 1 & 3 Open Houses: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/71903

Please let me know if you have any additions or comments.

Tamara DeRidder, AICP
Co-Chair, LU & TC

Special RCPNA Board Meeting – Tuesday, March 21 7-8pm

Special Board Meeting for next Tues., March 21st from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at the German American Society, 5626 NE Alameda St. This meeting has been added to the official city-wide calendar.

Topic:     Reconsideration of a RCPNA 2015 Approved Recommendation to Rezone of 3 properties owned by Rich and Blair Peterson, located at the corner of NE 50th and Fremont St., from R2 to Mixed Use Commercial as a map amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Update.
Timing:  Opportunity to ‘File an Objection’ closes within 21 days of the City’s pending submission of Task 4 and 5 of the Periodic Review/2035 Comprehensive Plan to the State of Oregon.

7:00 – 8:00 pm

1. Welcome & Introductions (open the public meeting)
2. Historic record and actions regarding the Peterson Rezone from R2 to Mixed Use Commercial.
3. Existing options for comment or appeal/objection to the state.
4. Board Next Steps:

  • Decide whether to reopen the public meeting regarding LU &TC recommended approval for zone change from R2h to Mixed Use Neighborhood Commercial for 5024 NE Fremont, vacant lot (TL# R260906) and 3430 NE 50th Ave.
  • If yes, actions include:
    • Open the public review on the matter to receive testimony, including attached documents.
    • Close public review on the matter when all questions and concerns have been raised
    • Render a decision:
      • No change from the previous rezone recommendation of approval
      • Support the rezone of some of the properties from R2 to Mixed Use Commercial
      • Reverse decision – opposing the rezone of all three properties from R2
  • If no, actions include:
    • Opportunity for public discussion regarding the process and issues at hand
    • Make a motion to adjourn the meeting

5. Adjourn