Join the RCPNA Board or Committee

What Is Your Super Power?

Your Gifts Are Needed on our Board and/or Committees

It is time for Board Elections and we have numerous positions to fill!  We are facing a new world of great challenges and opportunities. What is your super power? Let's make this journey together and grow into a better Rose City Park Neighborhood!

We need your help to develop and activate a vision for a healthy, sustainable future. If interested in serving on the Board please submit your Bio and Head Shot (photo) by May 16, 2022. It will be added to the site so the public can review all candidates before May 24, 2022, candidate election day.

Curious what a Neighborhood Association does? See:

To run for a Board position or join a Committee: 

  1. Send us an email addressed to
  2. Subject: “Board Position” or “Committee Position” or both;
  3. In text body of the email identify your name, address, and contact information;
  4. Board candidates please submit a Bio (max 200 words) and attach a Head Shot (see example )
    These documents must be received by midnight May 16, 2022.
  5. Finally, keep an eye on the Ballot to see who is running for what position ( 

Estimated Annual Time Commitment: service x hours

Board Officer: Monthly Board/Gen Membership meetings (12 x 4) & 1 Committee/service position (12 x 2) = 72 hrs.

At-Large: Monthly Board/Gen Membership meetings (12 x 2) & 1 Committee/service position (12 x 2) = 48 hrs.

Land Use & Transportation Committee Member: Monthly meetings (12 x 2) = 24 hrs. minimum. 

Communications Committee Member: Monthly meetings (12 x 2) = 24 hrs. minimum.

Events Committee: Sporadic meetings clustered prior to Events, such as Concerts in the Park = 2-20 hrs.

Newsletter Delivery: 4x per year (2 x 4) = 8+ hrs.

Starting in May, 2022, we will attempt to hold all RCPNA meetings as hybrid, to include virtual (such as Zoom) and in-person participants. This will allow both members and the public the most flexibility possible to become involved, making participation as easy as possible.

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