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RCPNA General Community Meeting and Potluck January 28, 2020

RCPNA January 28 2020 RCPNA GM Agenda with parking map.1



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Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting – January 16, 2020



7PM to 9PM
at Albina Early Head Start 909 NE 52nd Av
Agenda will be posted when available

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RCPNA Online Survey on the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Residentil Infill Project (RIP)



On March 12, 2019, the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission narrowly (5 to 4) approved a city-wide density plan called the Residential Infill Project (R.I.P.) that is now scheduled for public hearing on Jan. 15th and 16th before the City Council for implementation.  This plan will represent a dramatic change in the character, affordability and livability of our “Single Dwelling” zoned neighborhood areas and the future of our growing city.

Please participate in the Rose City Park Neighborhood Association (RCPNA) 2019-20 RIP Questionnaire:

Deadline to complete the survey is Sunday Jan. 5th

Join us at a Special RCPNA Board Meeting on Tues. Jan. 7th, 2020 to review the results of this survey. The Board’s RIP recommendation based on the discussion of survey results will be submitted as public testimony before the City Council on Jan. 16th.

Special Board Meeting

Tues. Jan. 7th, 2020, 7:00-9:00 pm

German American Society, 5626 NE Alameda St

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